It was a beautiful night at the Gilpin Art Collective on September 16 and candidates were asked about their motive for running in the upcoming election. Mine was simple – HB 19-1263. The legislation which decriminalized, AKA legalized,  Schedule 1/2 drugs including heroin, meth, fentanyl and cocaine. This bill has done enormous damage in our state and I want it repealed. A doubling of overdose rates in Colorado in 4 years. 40% increase in fentanyl deaths in one year in Colorado. Yet the Progressives, including Phil Weiser, claim that this law has not increased drug use and homelessness and crime. Such astonishing denial.

Among the attendees last Friday was Peter Droege who was a key player in rebuilding Step 13, founded by Bob Cote,  now known as Step Denver. My question to folks in Colorado who share my alarm at the raging drug crisis – why are there not more Step Denvers? If indeed living on the streets and drug addiction are linked, who could deny this, why not a program which addresses both?

I can’t fathom the path forward for any addict without sobriety and recovery. Any public program which does not require recovery and sobriety will not work. I will say it again – without recovery and sobriety as the expected outcome, any other funds  spent supporting and continuing the addiction will be spent in vain.

Step Denver –

Our vision is simple: To help men find freedom from addiction. That’s why we’re working hard every day to serve more men throughout Colorado and beyond.

Why is not one Progressive on the City Council in Boulder or Jared Polis for that matter not singing the praises of Step Denver? Why is Step Denver not THE model for recovery and housing for people living on the streets?  What are we waiting for, Colorado?



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  1. George W Fulk says:

    If our borders were closed thousands of lives could have been saved! Get out and vote! Our nation is crying for a change!

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