Meet Katie Lehr

I have lived in Colorado for the past 30 years. 

I love my town and my state but I’ve grown very unhappy with the shift imposed by the hard left. They are running the Democrat party and do not represent the needs and wants of rural counties or even the needs and wants of moderate voters.

We need to get civility back into our daily lives while supporting our communities. I feel our children, our families, our churches and our businesses have been mistreated.

I am an entrepreneur and currently own a successful general contractor business with my husband.  I have a BA in economics from William and Mary, and an MBA from CU Boulder.  

Most importantly I am a wife, mother of 3, daughter, sister, cousin, neighbor, friend and citizen.

"I've grown weary of the Front Range and the Left bullying the rest of us with their wish list and ignoring the problems in the community such as crime and homelessness.”

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