The Issues Of HD49

CRIME – Why is our state in the top ten for drug overdose deaths and second in the nation for stolen cars? Between COVID and agenda driven elected officials pushing dangerous criminal justice “reform” policies, crime has skyrocketed and we are told we have to live with it. Boulder has been told to tolerate a permanent criminal class that camps in our public spaces, befouls public spaces, has possibly caused several wildfires in Boulder County, and steals from the community with impunity. 

COST OF LIVING – Why is inflation in Colorado outpacing the national average? Inflation is being felt everywhere. It impacts the cost of our housing, electricity, food, transportation. Green Energy Regulations have cost tens of thousands of jobs in Colorado especially in the energy sector in rural parts of the state. Under our current all Democrat leadership, electricity costs have increased 15% – a type of regressive tax on working class families. 

AFFORDABILITY – Colorado is unaffordable and the middle class has been left behind. In Boulder building regulations coupled with an insatiable appetite for open space have ensured that only the wealthiest can afford to build and live in Boulder. This is quickly spreading to other areas of Colorado and we need common sense policymakers who are willing to address it.

BUSINESS – Colorado has become downright hostile to business. They pay the lion’s share of the taxes yet only get representation when they cooperate with the woke agenda. Unelected bureaucrats have far too much authority for which they are not accountable in an election.

RURAL ALLIES & ENEMIES – Rural Colorado is underrepresented at the State Capitol yet most of our state is rural. Denver, Boulder and other cities on Colorado’s Front Range have steadily bought up farmers’ water rights in rural communities. Many farm and ranch families are hurting and they need allies who are willing to fight for them.

COVID – The heavy regulatory fist of state and local governments during COVID brought into focus how they feel about the voters and families of Colorado. You could get take away cocktails but you could not go to Mass? Meanwhile many businesses are gone for good. Those in positions of power have used COVID as an excuse to hide from public scrutiny. Boulder Board of Health still only has meetings on Zoom!

EDUCATION –  The public schools have been taken over by the hard left and the COVID era has revealed the contempt that teachers unions and the school boards have for the families stuck in government schools. Every parent, even the ones I don’t agree with, has a right to determine how their child is educated. To be characterized as “terrorists” by the attorney general is disgraceful. 

ABORTION – The expansion of abortion through the Reproductive Health Equity Act will turn Colorado into an abortion tourism state. What a horrid thing to be a destination for. The bill was slammed through to safeguard abortion in the future and stripped full term babies of derivative rights. 

Homeless camps outside of Boulder

Katie Lehr HD49 Colorado House District 49 Judy Amabile
Katie Lehr HD49 Colorado House District 49 Judy Amabile
Katie Lehr HD49 Colorado House District 49 Judy Amabile

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