According to an article from The Fence Post, Governor Jared Polis’ husband Marlon Reis has blatantly disparaged rural Coloradans who are concerned with the overpopulation of prairie dogs.

On April 19, Reis posted his thoughts to Facebook about prairie dog relocation to private property. The post has since been deleted.

“Two things shock me about the rural Coloradans who have bothered to comment on volunteer requests for private land-owners interested in hosting displaced Prairie Dogs: 1) for the amount of government money filling your coffers at both the State and Federal levels, you’d best learn not to bite the hand that feeds you; 2) you are egotistical beyond belief, thinking your vote matters more than the rest of ‘urban’ Colorado, and you whine incessantly about how it’s all unfair. I ought to be shocked by your immaturity, but I’ve witnessed first-hand the way you love to play the victim card, no doubt because it’s always worked for you. Well, it’s not going to work anymore. Colorado is more than ranchers, and it’s time to adapt rather than complain.”

Current State House Representative Tim Geitner tweeted:

One thought on “Colorado’s Political Overclass Tells Rural Colorado “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds”

  1. LInda Erdmann says:

    Just wow! The Democrats always, always, always accuse those they don’t agree with of doing things they themselves are guilty of. Who here is
    “egotistical, thinks their vote matters more, whines incessantly about how it is all unfair, playing the victim card”. I am shocked about Marlon Reis’ immaturity and perhaps he shouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds him…although we must remember that Governor Polis’ personal wealth is over $300 million so Marlon is probably leading the life of Riley, unlike some very large portions of Colorado citizens, many of who live in the rural areas.

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