Progressive New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) dodged a question about whether she would support President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024. Speaking to Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning, AOC refused to answer whether she would back Biden if he ran for a second term, saying that she was focused on helping the Democratic Party keep control over its slim majority in the House. “I just want to ask about
 Calling All Patriots!The late great Andrew Breitbart created a primer for conservative activists in his wonderful book “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World”. The book chronicles Andrew’s odyssey from a spoiled, liberal time waster to conservative icon who did, in fact, try to save the world. It is hard to imagine the world we now have without Steve Bannon or Breitbart News. His pragmatic primer is a valuable tool for conservatives of all
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If you thought the government has not made life quite hard enough for American families, we now learn that  mothers who rely on baby formula face the worst news of all – shortages, price hikes and rationing. But rest assured the shortage is not  the result of Biden’s FDA shutting down Abbott Labs in February with little to no evidence that it was the source of the cronobacter contamination associated with 4 consumer complaints. The
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Sacred Heart of Mary Desecration My Body My Choice? Killing Human Babies….   The least among us are no doubt the innocent and  vulnerable  unborn. Colorado, in advance of any formal ruling from SCOTUS, passed a most wicked bill depriving the least among us  of derivative rights as human babies. HB22 1279, referred to as The Reproductive Health Equity Act, passed without any amendments. Though the Republicans in the state assembly fought hard to defeat
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According to an article from The Fence Post, Governor Jared Polis’ husband Marlon Reis has blatantly disparaged rural Coloradans who are concerned with the overpopulation of prairie dogs. On April 19, Reis posted his thoughts to Facebook about prairie dog relocation to private property. The post has since been deleted. “Two things shock me about the rural Coloradans who have bothered to comment on volunteer requests for private land-owners interested in hosting displaced Prairie Dogs:
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