Baby Formula – Stolen, Contaminated, Gone….

If you thought the government has not made life quite hard enough for American families, we now learn that  mothers who rely on baby formula face the worst news of all – shortages, price hikes and rationing. But rest assured the shortage is not  the result of Biden’s FDA shutting down Abbott Labs in February with little to no evidence that it was the source of the cronobacter contamination associated with 4 consumer complaints. The shutdown by Abbott Labs was voluntary because the company had the decency to avoid causing infant fatalities. This is more than can be said of Jared Polis who signed the baby killing bill HD22 1279 and who seems very comfortable with infanticide. Rest assured – his children and Mayor Pete’s children will not go hungry but your baby might have to suffer.

What caused the shortage? It turns out  baby formula is a CRAVE product – Concealable, Removeable, Available, Valuable, Enjoyable and Disposable. It has been a desirable commodity to steal since as far back as 2012! But why the shortage now? Is baby formula another commodity being stolen into scarcity by the thieves roving in every grocery store I go into in Boulder? Is stealing baby formula, for which there is no ready substitute, another property crime we are supposed to tolerate?

Depopulating jails during Covid accelerated the rate and types of crime in all of Colorado. This is indisputable regardless of what the Democrats in the state capitol claim.  Grocery stores are routinely robbed by the hardcore transients operating outside the social safety net for the homeless in Boulder. I witness theft every time I am in a Safeway or a Walgreens. The employees are told specifically to not confront the thieves because 1. it is dangerous to confront a potentially high, armed person and 2. nothing will happen.  The state of Colorado, led by Polis and supported by Steve Fenberg, Leslie Herod and Judy Amabile, categorize property crimes as minor inconveniences, at best a misdemeanor and certainly  not a crime worthy of jail. The baby formula theft may be committed by organized crime syndicates, along with large scale theft of  very high end bicycles. Yet it is property crime and goes largely unpursued by law enforcement and minimally punished.  And while I understand that a triathlete in Boulder munching on bananas may be able to replace an insured stolen bike what are working mom’s with hungry infants supposed to do? I imagine even the most ardent pro choice devotes cringe at the thought of babies struggling with hunger, or “food insecurity” as the Democrats call starving. Where is the loud, angry voice of Elizabeth Warren when we need it most?

The Least Among Us…..

Sacred Heart of Mary Desecration

My Body My Choice? Killing Human Babies….


The least among us are no doubt the innocent and  vulnerable  unborn. Colorado, in advance of any formal ruling from SCOTUS, passed a most wicked bill depriving the least among us  of derivative rights as human babies. HB22 1279, referred to as The Reproductive Health Equity Act, passed without any amendments. Though the Republicans in the state assembly fought hard to defeat the bill it has been signed into law by Jared Polis. The same man who contrived to conceive his own two children by extraordinary means signed a bill stripping human babies of a right to life.  Shame, shame, shame.

As we hear the shrieks and howls from the Progressives in response to the leaked draft opinion  the mask slips yet further and more is revealed about the party of science. To the Left abortion is the Holy Grail of all rights and is literally one of the only beliefs sacred to them beyond the Mother Earth. The amazing ability to create, grow  and birth a baby is a disruption to equity for women according to Roe lovers. Such was this love of abortion the Justices contrived to see a Constitutional right to abortion though even a non legal scholar such as myself can see there is no such right. Not then and not now.

It is axiomatic for the Progressives that women, and men who think they are women, can only be equal in society if they have the right to kill a baby of any gestational age. Let us take them at their word and offer some advice on how to best proceed given the looming Constitutional collapse of Roe V. Wade. First – if the Progressives want abortion to be a right guaranteed by the Constitution pass an amendment enshrining this “right”. If amending is the Constitution is too challenging a task I suggest writing a federal law.  Progressives  concerned that some states will severely restrict abortion  access, should endeavor to pass a federal law that would apply in all fifty states. Take pen to paper and write down in great detail the fact that babies are clumps of cells, babies don’t feel pain, babies are economic burdens to hard working moms with three jobs,  that babies are an inconvenience to the mothers who want a career, babies are punishment for college girls enjoying hook up culture. And please describe in detail that it is legal to remove the limbs of an unborn full term baby to terminate her life while still in her mother’s womb.  The Progressives should show all of America how committed to science they are and how much they care about women.

Katie Lehr HD49 Colorado House District 49 Judy Amabile

Colorado’s Political Overclass Tells Rural Colorado “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds”

According to an article from The Fence Post, Governor Jared Polis’ husband Marlon Reis has blatantly disparaged rural Coloradans who are concerned with the overpopulation of prairie dogs.

On April 19, Reis posted his thoughts to Facebook about prairie dog relocation to private property. The post has since been deleted.

“Two things shock me about the rural Coloradans who have bothered to comment on volunteer requests for private land-owners interested in hosting displaced Prairie Dogs: 1) for the amount of government money filling your coffers at both the State and Federal levels, you’d best learn not to bite the hand that feeds you; 2) you are egotistical beyond belief, thinking your vote matters more than the rest of ‘urban’ Colorado, and you whine incessantly about how it’s all unfair. I ought to be shocked by your immaturity, but I’ve witnessed first-hand the way you love to play the victim card, no doubt because it’s always worked for you. Well, it’s not going to work anymore. Colorado is more than ranchers, and it’s time to adapt rather than complain.”

Current State House Representative Tim Geitner tweeted: